Author: Scott Jenkins
With the volatile markets and supply chain issues for building materials we are spinning deeper and deeper into an affordable housing crisis. It’s time to rely more on sustainable building methods that can provide long term cost savings, resilience and safety.
Author: Dr. Doug Brown
When it comes to playing the environmental technologies game, strategic partnerships between companies will inevitably lead to greater progress within the environmental sustainability industry. But why?
Author: Kristin Davis
We all know that material availability has been unpredictable and volatile, and that costs have been on the rise significantly—and that's not going anywhere anytime soon. But apart from material costs, what are some of the top hidden costs that are often overlooked during the building process? Let’s take a look at a few, as well as how sustainable building solutions can address them.
Author: Scott Jenkins
Similar to the past few years, it appears 2022 will continue to be unpredictable in almost every arena. When it comes to the construction industry specifically, that unpredictability looks a little like this: material prices increasing, change in building codes, labour force being drained…so how can we prepare for 2022?
Author: Scott Jenkins
What a year! As we look forward to 2022 and beyond I wanted to take this opportunity to also look back on our first full calendar year of operations for ZS2 Technologies. It was a year filled with challenges, opportunities, some disappointment, a lot of successes, and more than a few pinch-me moments as we work to disrupt the world’s largest industry: Construction.