Experience ZS2

Our newly established ZS2 TechCentre is the Think Tank, The Lab, and the Manufacturing hub for all of ZS2’s latest solutions.

For anything that is ground-breaking and new, we know that ‘Seeing is Believing’. That’s why we’ve created hands-on simulation activities for anyone curious about our solutions and how they work.

We thought it’d be fun for you to put our solutions to the test in some realistic, and maybe some not so realistic, but really fun scenarios.

Come visit us to see first hand what all the fuss is about.

Our Focus is Innovation, but Our Foundation is Science


Immersive Lab Tour

Experience the testing that we put our solutions through to make sure it will hold up to whatever mother nature can throw at it.

School Tours

We’re passionate about educating the next generation of scientists, architects and builders. Bring your classroom by for an in-depth look at the science behind our solutions and how exciting a career in construction technology development can actually be.

Chemistry Lab


Manufacturing Process