How we do it

Our ZS2 TechCentre is a Think Tank, Lab, and the Manufacturing Hub for all of ZS2’s latest solutions.

Whether starting from scratch or looking for ways to up your game, our production team is ready to help you integrate ZS2’s industry-leading products into your build. So let’s take a deeper dive into how we do things around the TechCentre.

It All Starts In The Lab

Our focus is innovation but our foundation is science. With lots of brain power and rigorous testing, our R&D team created a proprietary Magnesium Oxysulfate cement formula that we use to create our latest solutions like TechBoard, TechPanels, and soon much more!

Magnesium has been used in building materials for thousands of years. In fact, magnesium based cement was used to build parts of the Great Wall of China! It’s proven to stand the test of time. Now, our team of scientists are making magnesium-based materials even better and more versatile.

Be sure to keep checking back for the latest products to emerge from The Lab.

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From Beakers to Buildings

After creating a strong, sustainable and fire resistant cement alternative in The Lab we turn to our TechCrew to continue the building process.

The first step for our customers is to simply get in touch with us. Whether you’re an architect, engineer, contractor, or planning your dream home, the TechCrew is standing by to help you discover ways to build faster, safer, healthier, and more sustainably—even if your designs are already complete.

Our design team helps create comprehensive building plans that integrate our TechPanels, TechBoards, or both. Then it’s off to the Manufacturing Hub where our TechCrew begins planning, cutting and assembling all the materials.

Introducing TechBoard

The Solution that started it all

While we could spend hours telling you all the reasons why this board is the solution of the future, here are the points that hit home:

Introducing TechPanel

Redefining what we expect from building materials

TechPanel has the potential to completely change the way the industry functions and here’s how:

Introducing TechBrick

A bright future for a dirty industry

Brick production is one of the highest air polluting industries. But it doesn’t have to be. TechBrick is a sustainable alternative:

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