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TechBoard™ is our proprietary magnesium based cement board. Our R&D team, led by Dr. Doug Brown (Ph.D. Chemistry), has developed a proprietary cement formulation which is highly fire resistant, mold proof, bacteria/pest resistant, high strength with a significantly reduced carbon footprint vs. other traditional “Portland” cement products. TechBoard™ can be used as a stand-alone high-performance sheathing for interiors and exteriors, can be finished with a variety of coatings and materials, is easy to work with and is integrated as the facing in high-performance TechPanels™.

TechPanels are manufactured in the same way as traditional structurally insulated panels (SIPs). A rigid core of insulation, typically EPS (extruded polystyrene) is laminated to our proprietary TechBoard. TechPanels are manufactured in one of two manufacturing facilities under strict quality control processes and custom sized to our client’s specifications for their individual project. Wood, steel or composite splines and studs are incorporated as specified by the client in the factory. Electrical chases are pre-cut in the insulation to provide ease of electrical install on the jobsite. The manufacturing process is straightforward and completed by experienced technicians which provides our client with a high quality, high performance solution while reducing the amount of jobsite labour and uncertainty with conventional construction projects….saving our clients money.

TechBoard™ and TechPanels™ can be finished to any client specifications. For the exterior a water/vapour barrier is usually required (as with conventional materials). ZS2 recommends a Weatherskin ( aqueous coating which is environmentally friendly and formulated for TechBoard™. Alternatively conventional materials can be used. From this point TechBoard™ and TechPanels™ can be finished with paint or clad with whatever finish the client requires. For the interior, TechBoard™ is rigid but can be painted and finished easily to a Level 4 quality. TechBoard™ makes an excellent substrate to handle tiles, wallpaper or other interior finishes.

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