Formulated to be Smarter, Safer, and Stronger

Perfected in our lab, tried and tested in the Canadian climate. TechBoard is the most advanced sheathing product on the market today. 

A Revolutionary Formula

TechBoard is our proprietary magnesium based cement board. Our R&D team, led by Dr. Doug Brown (Ph.D. Chemistry), has developed a healthier, safer, stronger Magnesium Oxysulfate formula with a significantly reduced carbon footprint vs. other cement and gypsum based boards

How We Stack Up

Not all boards are created equal. TechBoard has been through rigorous building and lab testing to ensure we are up for any challenge.

Durable. Versatile. Sustainable 

TechBoard can be used as a stand-alone high-performance sheathing for interiors and exteriors. TechBoards can be finished with a variety of coatings and materials such as water/vapour barrier, clad and paint. TechBoard also makes an excellent substrate to handle tiles, wallpaper or other interior finishes.

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