A Unique, Customizable & Sustainable Brick  

TechBrick is a Flexible Brick Facade made of quartz sand and a polymer resin, which is then dyed in a pigment mass-based iron oxide. TechBrick is only millimetres thick and weighs less than a small smartphone.

It’s thin, flexible, lightweight design, makes it extremely easy to work with and customizable for unique projects.

TechBrick is less than half the cost of traditional brick and much faster & easier to install on both interiors and exteriors. 

TechBrick is available in 12 different colours

TechBrick comes with a wide range of looks and design options to suit every building style.

A Dark Industry

Bricks themselves can be cleaned and recycled but the manufacturing process is very harmful for the environment. 

Brick kilns are one of the top sources of air pollutants like SOx (sulphur oxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxide),  which are both harmful to humans. Globally brick kilns burn over 375 million tonnes of coal every year and produce over 1.5 billion bricks.

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