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What are Structural Insulated Panels
Structural insulated panels, or SIPs, are high performance panels used in walls, roofs and floors for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. The panels are manufactured by sandwiching a rigid core insulating material between two high strength facings. SIPs can be custom designed for any project and provide an extremely strong, energy-efficient, cost-effective, sustainable building system.
How much safer are TechPanels vs. conventional materials?
TechPanels and TechBoard is highly fire resistant and most importantly produces NO Harmful Gasses during a fire event. TechPanels and TechBoard are mold, bacteria and pest resistant resulting in superior indoor air quality and a healthier building. No toxic VOCs. No harmful off-gassing. Fire-resistant. No mold. No bacteria. No pests. High strength.
What makes TechBoard™ unique?
TechBoard is our proprietary magnesium based cement board. Our R&D team, led by Dr. Doug Brown (Ph.D. Chemistry), has developed a proprietary cement formulation which is highly fire resistant, mold proof, bacteria/pest resistant, high strength with a significantly reduced carbon footprint vs. other traditional “Portland” cement products. TechBoard can be used as a stand-alone high-performance sheathing for interiors and exteriors, can be finished with a variety of coatings and materials, is easy to work with and is integrated as the facing in high-performance TechPanels.
How strong are TechPanels?
TechPanels are incredibly strong thanks in part to our proprietary ZS2 TechBoard in combination with a rigid core insulation. TechPanels have been tested to exceed traditional SIPs (which themselves are extremely strong) in handling compressive loads by 25%-30%. TechPanels exceed some of the most stringent hurricane testing standards (Miami-Dade standard, ASTM E1886) and do not lose material structural integrity during flooding or fire events. In fact, in a recent test conducted by a third party engineering department at a post-secondary testing lab to determine compressive loads the testing equipment failed before the TechPanels!

Building TechTalk

Inside look at the science behind what we do and the industry we’re trying to change.

Cement is everywhere. But the process of making cement results in massive amounts of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. In this episode of Building TechTalk, we sat down with Progressive Planet’s CEO, Stephen Harpur, to find out how they’re trying to change that by adding Zeolite to the mix.
We sat down with Amy Roesler, Executive Director of the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance to discuss the changing landscape of energy efficiency in Alberta, and across North America.
Pilot Episode
The premiere episode of Building TechTalk where we meet our resident experts, Dr. Doug Brown and Scott Jenkins of ZS2 Technologies and explore the challenges and opportunities facing innovators in the building industry today.

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Community News

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