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New Partnership to Bring Over a 100 Affordable Homes in Fire-Prone Region.

June 2023
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Habitat for Humanity Embraces Safety and Sustainability with ZS2

Last month in Angels Camp, California, a groundbreaking partnership formed between Habitat for Humanity and our TechPartner, Advanced Building Technology Inc. 

They have chosen ZS2’s TechPanels for their newest development. Comprising 107 homes, this project aims to bring safer, highly efficient, and sustainable living solutions to the wildfire-prone region. 

As these fire-resistant TechPanels are put to use, homeowners can expect significant savings on their monthly energy bills as well.

Our TechPartner in California, Advanced Building Technology Inc. is already building their first home in Angels Camp to demonstrate the speed, efficiency and final product that Habitat for Humanity can look forward to.

ZS2 Hosts Open House & AGM

With the pandemic fully behind us now, we could finally throw open the doors at the newly-expanded ZS2 TechCentre to welcome the public and our invaluable stakeholders to our Annual General Meeting and open house. Good thing we brought in extra chairs! 

It was fantastic to have a room full of like-minded people. All contributing to building a better planet. Thanks to everyone who joined us, and for those who didn’t, here’s a look at what you missed!

Sign of the Times

Big things have been happening at the ZS2 TechCentre in Calgary, AB. But throughout all the expansions, new equipment and expanded office space, the outside of the building took a bit of a back seat. But that has changed! 

Check out our new outdoor signage – you won’t miss the TechCentre next time you drive by.

Sustainable Construction: Rising Demand and Financial Resources

In this month’s blog, we’re diving into the challenges the construction is facing right with ever increasing pressure to build green. But where there’s challenges, there’s also opportunities. Companies can adapt to thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

There’s incredible potential in low carbon and sustainable building solutions like Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and low carbon cement. 

These game-changers not only help reduce carbon footprints but also ensure compliance with stringent low carbon building regulations. 

We’ll explore examples of these regulations, including the California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen), New York Local Law 97, and the British Columbia Energy Step Code. 

By embracing these cutting-edge technologies and sustainable principles, building companies can make a positive environmental impact, unlock new business opportunities, access incentives, and boost their brand reputation.


ZS2 Top 3 - What You Need to Know

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Our solutions are available across North America! Additionally, we have TechPartners throughout Canada and the US to help with project planning, execution, and answer to any questions you may have.

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