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Construction Solutions

Construction innovation and technology, backed by industry experience and science. Build better, smarter and faster with construction solutions that give greater certainty in cost, schedule, and performance.

High Performance Building Materials

Leveraging material science, our magnesium oxide (MgO) cement technology delivers unmatched durability, fire resistance, and low carbon solutions setting a new standard for sustainable and resilient construction practices.


Protective magnesium oxide cement sheathing


Structurally insulated prefabricated building system


 Alternative brick application for interior and exterior finishing


Low carbon magnesium oxide cement tile


Non-structural insulated exterior cladding


Versatile raised flooring system

Advanced Manufacturing for Engineered Efficiency

Manufactured in North America, our streamlined production  ensures superior quality and structural integrity with unparalleled precision. This approach enhances both efficiency and consistency but also optimizes resource utilization both on and off site.

Integrated into our manufacturing processes are rigorous quality assurance and control procedures, for a smooth transition from production to construction. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of failures, enhances safety, and safeguards the investments made in construction projects.

Let’s Connect

Whether starting from scratch or looking for ways to up your game, our team is ready to help you integrate ZS2’s construction solutions into your project.


From napkin sketches to first draft drawings. Let’s connect.

Design Development

From schematic to honing in on construction details. Let us help optimize your build.


From sustainable material substitutions to complete building retrofits.We can help.

Projects Using ZS2 Technology

Grow your Business with Best in Class Sustainable Building Solutions

Trico Communities

Shawnessy Station | Alberta, CA
70,000 sq ft of TechClad increased the energy efficiency of a 7-storey mixed-use development, resulting in almost $400,000 in savings.


Person Instal Crew

+ R9

Insulated R-value

Habitat for Humanity

Eureka Oaks Community Development | California, US
Calaveras Habitat for Humanity’s largest project to date will use ZS2’s TechBoard and TechPanels to build 43 condominiums, and 64 homes in a wildfire prone area.


Climate Resilient Homes

1 HR

Fire Rating

New Mexico United

Training Facility | New Mexico, USA
From initial design to occupation, this 2,400 sq. ft. training center used TechPanels for ease of construction and achieved completion in only 30 days.


Transport Trucks Total


Days Total for Roof and Wall Installation

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