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the Construction Industry

Combining advanced material science with innovative construction solutions, we’re building a more resilient world through cement climate technology.

Technology to Help You Build Smarter

From manufacturing high-performance building materials to developing carbon-negative cement with CCUS technology, our team is redefining the building industry.


Magnesium Cement Board


Structurally Insulated Panels

CO₂ Capture

Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration



Building For a
Changing Climate

Orange custom shape in svg format | ZS2 Technologies

Learn how our technology is helping architects, builders and engineers prioritize climate resilient materials to build stronger and smarter with the future in mind.

Industry Leading Solutions

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Emissions reduction Alberta | ZS2 Technologies

Advanced Material Science

ZS2 Technologies combines material science with sustainability-driven innovation to advance the world’s largest industry: construction. Our scientists are using technology to close the gap in productivity and sustainability with a relentless focus on leading-edge material science.

Projects Using Our Technologies

Builders across North America are using our construction solutions

Shawnessy Station built with ZS2 Technologies mateirals

Trico Communities

Shawnessy Station | Alberta, CA
70,000 sq ft of TechClad increased the energy efficiency of a 7-storey mixed-use development, resulting in almost $400,000 in savings.


Person Instal Crew

+ R9

Insulated R-value

Model homes built with sustainable materials from ZS2 Technologies

Habitat for Humanity

Eureka Oaks Community Development | California, US
Calaveras Habitat for Humanity’s largest project to date will use ZS2’s TechBoard and TechPanels to build 43 condominiums, and 64 homes in a wildfire prone area.


Climate Resilient Homes

1 HR

Fire Rating

Commercial Training Facility - New Mexico | ZS2 Technologies

New Mexico United

Training Facility | New Mexico, USA
From initial design to occupation, this 2,400 sq. ft. training center used TechPanels for ease of construction and achieved completion in only 30 days.


Transport Trucks Total


Days Total for Roof and Wall Installation

Innovating Construction
with 25+ Years Experience

ZS2 Technologies was founded on the premise that chemistry and sustainability-driven innovation has the opportunity to advance construction and close the gap in the industry. We believe in the implementation of prefabricated manufacturing techniques, advances in construction technology and a prioritized focus on leading-edge material science.

We lower both the embodied and operational carbon footprints of buildings in several ways:

  1. Our solutions are based on magnesium cement. This enables our materials to have  ⅓ the carbon footprint of traditional cement, without sacrificing strength and durability.
  2. Using ZS2’s prefabricated building methods results in a much more energy efficient building envelope, meaning they require less energy to heat and cool. Buildings could see as much as a 50% reduction in energy usage!
  3. Transportation and speed of construction also contribute to a lower carbon footprint. Fewer material deliveries and rapid construction means less back and forth to a construction site and a lower carbon footprint. Saving both time and money.

For example, choosing an advanced building solution like TechPanels, an entire building envelope can arrive on one or two trucks—compared to only two panels per truck with tilt-up concrete.

Our solutions are designed to adapt to most building requirements. Whether you’re planning to build traditional stick frame, tilt-up concrete, or steel frame buildings, we can work to integrate our sustainable solutions into your build. The key is involving our design team in the planning process as early as possible to optimize integration and benefits.

ZS2 Technologies is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where our 48,000 sq. ft. facility serves as a manufacturing hub, material science lab, and collaborative office space. In addition, we have a network of TechPartners across North America to deliver ZS2 solutions to local markets.

Regardless of your location, we can help bring sustainable building solutions to you. From the Arctic to the Bahamas both projects and partners have benefited from building with ZS2.

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