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Bring the resilience and sustainability of ZS2’s advanced material science to any new build or retrofit project.

Material Overview

 Enhance the performance of any new or existing build with TechClad—a prefabricated insulated sheathing system. Ideal for both new builds and retrofits, TechClad incorporates ZS2’s proprietary magnesium cement technology and can be customized to your R-value requirements and optimized for individual projects.


TechClad is a premanufactured, sustainable, insulated cladding system that contributes to a superior building envelope for new builds and retrofits. Its magnesium cement-based board is fire resistant with zero flame spread, resists mold, is high strength and impact resistant, water resistant and VOC free. TechClad is the stand-alone, high-performance sheathing for exterior and can be finished with a variety of aesthetic exterior finishes.

  • Eliminates thermal bridging
  • Resists mold
  • Modify/cut on site
  • Retrofit over existing structure
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Low transport costs
  • Custom thicknesses

Testing & Certifications

We don’t just meet industry standards; we set them. By heavily investing in testing and certifications, ZS2 can confidently and safely bring innovative constructions to market that seamlessly integrate into existing regulations and industry standards. We have a rigorous testing and quality assurance program that includes independent third-party agencies to certify our products, as well as our in-house quality control team that maintains those standards in real time. This ensures all ZS2 products that arrive on-site meet and exceed project requirements.

Technical Documents

Explore our comprehensive technical document downloads section for in-depth insights into our building materials. Access a variety of documents, including product specifications, installation guides, for the essential information.

TechClad FAQ

TechClad provides an insulated sheathing solution for virtually any construction project that needs a boost in R value and fire resistance. One of the most common uses is to enclose multi-storey steel frame buildings with a pre-fabricated insulated sheathing that provides rapid installation with minimal labor, and is easily modified on site with basic hand tools. TechClad is also ideal for retrofitting existing buildings with an extra layer of insulation and fire resistance.

Every project is unique and TechClad is manufactured to meet the specific project specifications. The thickness of the insulation can be adjusted to meet R-value requirements, and our team will help determine the best size of TechClad sheets for your project (4’x8’, 4’x9’, or 4’x10’).

TechClad incorporates the same fire, water and mold resistance as TechPanels, but is not a structural panel. This means it’s not a standalone building system, but can bring the same benefits of ZS2’s proprietary climate technology to new builds where TechPanels aren’t the best fit, or an existing building that needs an energy and climate retrofit.

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