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TechPartners are industry leaders differentiating their existing businesses with ZS2’s leading edge products and technologies which are sustainable, resilient, and cost effective in their local markets.

Construction is the world’s largest industry, but it's also the most local

ZS2 partners with a network of forward thinking leaders to decarbonize the construction industry, region by region, market by market. Our TechPartners are the circulatory system delivering ZS2 solutions to a growing list of customers across North America.

TechPartners and their projects stand out in the market by leading the way in sustainable building innovation, showcasing a distinct commitment to advancing construction technology and construction excellence. 

This dynamic partnership between ZS2 and our growing network of TechPartners, propel industry solutions from mere potential to practical application, enabling projects to be executed smarter, faster, and more responsibly.

A Network of Sustainable
Building Experts

Industry experts that both talk the talk and walk the walk. Have a project in mind? Find your local TechPartner below.

Building Experts
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The ZS2 Difference

Our TechPartners stand out in a crowded market by offering sustainable materials without compromising on performance. Our partners see the power to differentiate their existing businesses with leading edge products and technologies.

Competitive Advantage

Leave the science to us. We invest in rigorous R&D and meticulous testing so you don’t have to. Our continued investment becomes your market advantage.

Sustained Relevance

Ready or not- the industry is changing. Our construction solutions are both climate resilient and environmentally responsible, ensuring your projects meet changing building codes.

More for Less

By consolidating three trades into one, we’ve optimized your schedule. Build projects in days vs. months and accelerate your market share.

The TechPartner Advantage

  • Ongoing support from ZS2 Sales and PM teams to navigate challenges and succeed
  • Continued investment in certification and testing (R&D)
  • Comprehensive training program and other learning tools to support growth
  • Operational guidelines and best practices for streamlining your business
  • Marketing and communication efforts that extend to national and regional marketing campaign
  • Access to peer network of ZS2 TechPartners

What our TechPartners are Saying

We think our partnership is pretty great, but don’t just take our word for it. Get our report card straight from the source.

Sunrise Construction Ontario

“ZS2’s Energy and Professionalism is infectious and has propelled our firm to new levels. Their Eagerness to collaborate has resonated with us strongly, and the products continue to open doors and drive excitement for our business.”

Improve Group New Mexico

“I have appreciated the collaborative spirit of working with ZS2 across multiple projects. They are not afraid to tackle new challenges and work through difficult conditions to deliver successful solutions to any project. There is innovation in the amazing product, but it is the incredible community of people at ZS2 who drive the true value impact.”

Advanced Building Technology California

“We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with ZS2 Technologies. Together, we share a deep passion for revolutionizing the construction industry towards sustainability. This collaboration allows us to collectively drive positive change and contribute to a more environmentally conscious future in construction.

Innovating Construction
with 25+ Years Experience

ZS2 Technologies was founded on the premise that Chemistry and Sustainability-Driven Innovation has the opportunity to advance construction and close the gap in the industry with the implementation of prefabricated manufacturing techniques, advances in software and technologies in construction, with a focus on leading-edge material science.

Like what you see?  We’re actively growing our network of partners who are adopting industry leading sustainable materials for their next big projects across North America.

Want to learn more? Simply fill out our application here, and we'll be in touch soon to chat about opportunities in your area.

If you're unable to locate a TechPartner in your area, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at ZS2 directly. 

The best way to get in touch is emailing us at: [email protected] and we'll help you take it from there. (We also accept phone calls, carrier pigeons, in-person visits or shoot us a DM on our socials)

Explore a curated list of ZS2 case studies and TechPartner projects here. This growing collection offers a comprehensive overview of the innovative solutions and successful endeavors our TechPartners have undertaken.

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