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Who We Are

ZS2 Technologies believes that the power of collective knowledge is unparalleled. By joining forces with diverse partners, we tap into a vast reservoir of industry expertise, scientific insights, and innovative thinking. Our identity is shaped by a collaborative network that encompasses individuals, organizations, and businesses, defining the essence of who we are, our purpose, and the principles that drive us.

Our Story

It all started as an informal business meeting at a Starbucks in 2020—right before a global pandemic shut the world down. Our three co-founders Scott, Doug and Kristin combined their technical expertise with a shared commitment to crafting a safer and more sustainable future.
Founded on the belief that chemistry and sustainability-driven innovation could transform the construction industry, ZS2 Technologies has since propelled the industry forward with constant innovation, fueled by a latte or nine along the way.

Fast forward to the present and a growing team of talented and passionate individuals and an ever-expanding network of collaborative partners, our 48,000 sq. ft. facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, serves as a manufacturing hub, material science lab, and collaborative office.

The manufacturing center has undergone its third expansion, increasing capacity to deliver projects across North America. Our award-winning R&D team is pioneering carbon capture and waste-to-cement technologies, positioning us as leaders in the climate technology sector. Ground-breaking partnerships have earned us headlines as we collectively reshape the industry’s future.

And we’re just getting started.

Our Values

Our organizational periodic table extends beyond metaphor. It embodies the collective chemistry defining us. Here, collaboration, tenacity, and curiosity aren’t mere values – they’re the elements of our DNA. Thoughtfully calibrated, they propel our success and innovation forward, much like a precisely balanced chemical compound.


We may not have all the answers. But we’re pretty sure we can find them. Working together we create the best solutions.


We never stop improving. Failures and setback don’t scare us. They are just a part of creating something great.


“What if we could…?” is our mantra. We are tenacious problem solvers with a permanent dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Our Partners

Decarbonizing the construction industry takes a village. Humbly, we think we have the best village. Whether fostering innovation internally or partnering with diverse organizations, our collective efforts create a ripple effect across the entire system. Together, we embrace successes, tackle challenges, and craft solutions that are not only effective and accessible, but transformative in the long run.

Our Team

ZS2’s core team, dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of our solutions. Affectionately called the TechCrew!


The circulatory system delivering ZS2 solutions to a growing list of customers across North America.

Research Partners

Leading research institutions, and powerhouse organizations to accelerate advancements in climate technology.

Community Partners

Local organizations close to our hearts. Building a better planet starts in our own community.

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