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ZS2 Technologies Secures $1.1 Million in Funding to Innovate Affordable Housing Solutions

Calgary company accelerates development of magnesium cement building materials manufactured from recycled waste and captured CO2


ZS2 Technologies (ZS2), a leader in magnesium cement (MgO) construction solutions, has been awarded $1.1 million in Round 4 of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Housing Supply Challenge, Building for the Future. This funding will accelerate the commercialization of ZS2’s MgO made-in-Canada solution, which uses recycled industry waste and captured CO2 to create high-performance, sustainable building materials.

The Housing Supply Challenge aims to overcome barriers in the housing supply chain by fostering innovative construction techniques and materials. Round 4, Building for the Future, targets the creation of affordable, climate-compatible housing.

ZS2’s building materials offer high-quality construction solutions that can be swiftly deployed to address urgent housing demands. By leveraging innovative material science and processes, the homes built are not only environmentally sustainable but designed to last for generations. This commitment to innovation and rapid deployment positions ZS2 as a key player in providing climate-resilient, affordable housing solutions across North America.

Currently, ZS2 Technologies uses proprietary MgO cement technology for sheathing and prefabricated building panels that provide rapid construction timelines, and lower both embodied and operational carbon footprint. By contributing to high performance building envelopes, ZS2’s materials not only minimize energy loss but provide a stable and secure environment for the families that call them home.

“Communities deserve construction solutions that are both affordable to build and affordable to live. This funding will enable ZS2 to accelerate the development of scalable solutions that meet the needs of affordability, quality and climate resistance.” said Scott Jenkins, CEO and Co-Founder of ZS2 Technologies.

In September 2023, ZS2 was shortlisted receiving $150,000 in incubation funding from CMHC. This initial support allowed ZS2 to rapidly build a pilot demonstration, as proof of concept. The pilot was a high-performance 567 sq. ft. home, built with ZS2 materials for roof, floor, and wall applications. The result – a fully finished home coming in under an estimated $200 sq. ft. Following the successful application, the additional funding will accelerate the development of North American production for ZS2’s proprietary magnesium cement technologies.

As part of the implementation phase, the team will continue to work with a network of partners and collaborators to bring this technology to market. This includes working with local experts to introduce MgO products to construction industries and scaling production with state-of-the-art manufacturing lines.

About ZS2 Technologies
ZS2 Technologies Ltd. is building a more resilient world through MgO cement technology. From manufacturing high-performance building materials to developing low carbon cement with CCUS technology, ZS2 is decarbonizing the construction industry. 

For more information about ZS2 Technologies and their innovative projects and technology, visit ZS2 Technologies website.

ZS2 Technologies Media Contact
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About CMHC
The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is Canada’s national housing agency. CMHC works with a range of partners to help ensure Canada has a stable housing market and that all Canadians have access to affordable, high-quality housing.

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