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Habitat for Humanity

Calaveras Habitat for Humanity’s largest project to date will use ZS2’s TechBoard and TechPanels to build 43 condominiums, and 64 homes in a wildfire prone area. Together, we’re rewriting the story of resilience in wildfire zones through an innovative partnership alongside our ZS2 TechPartner in California.



Calaveras County, California, USA


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Eureka Oaks Community Development

Combining advanced MgO material science with innovative construction solutions, ZS2 Technologies is partnering with Habitat for Humanity Calaveras and ZS2 TechPartner Advanced Building Technologies Inc. to deliver a sustainable community through climate technology. 

107 affordable, sustainable homes including 43 condominiums, and 64 homes across 17 acres in California, USA. 

As the largest project to date in history for Calaveras’ Habitat for Humanity, this ambitious undertaking addresses pressing housing needs in Calaveras County, an area grappling with recent challenges, particularly in the wake of devastating wildfires. 

After undergoing comprehensive burn tests and rigorous third-party validation, ZS2’s construction solutions have leveraged climate technology to deploy high-performance Magnesium Oxysulfate panels for this project. ZS2 TechPanels boast a high fire rating, featuring zero flame spread and emitting no toxic smoke. This makes them an exceptionally resilient building solution, especially crucial wildfire risks mitigation for new construction in the region. This focused commitment to fire safety has enabled our materials to successfully demonstrate fire resistance standards mandated by the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). With WUI certification, you can proceed with construction confidently, even amid increasing wildfire risks, ensuring that the project adheres to stringent requirements for heightened safety and resilience.

Beyond their fire-resistant qualities, TechPanels offer homeowners substantial savings on their monthly energy bills, adding an extra layer of cost efficiency. Engineered for both quality and performance, TechPanels present a financially viable solution for heating and cooling, effectively balancing the equation of affordable housing with utility costs for the families making these homes their own.

In contrast to the typical 40-year lifespan of conventional construction, these homes are engineered to stand the test of time, serving generations of families to come. This not only imparts a new level of sustainability to the project but ensures that the affordability extends beyond the construction phase, making these homes economically viable for the families who will inhabit them.

Our TechPartner Advanced Building Technology Inc. successfully built their first home in Angels Camp to demonstrate the speed, efficiency as a pilot project demonstration. The full Eureka Oaks development broke ground early 2024. Three model homes will be completed by early 2024, taking a crucial step towards a reality where communities can trust in fire-rated materials and build homes that stand strong against the flames. This proactive approach in implementing fire-resistant technology reflects a commitment to safeguarding families and their homes against the unpredictable nature of the environment.

In October 2023, Doug Brown, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ZS2, joined forces with the Habitat for Humanity Calaveras team to receive an exclusive feature on ABC 10 News. The segment was filmed on location at the Angels Camp demonstration of the ZS2 TechPartner Advanced Building Technologies pilot project.

Beyond providing shelter, the Eureka Oaks Community Development seeks to foster a sense of pride, stability, and hope within the community. Named after the historic Eureka Mine, this housing project not only addresses the housing shortage but also pays homage to the roots that make the community unique. As Habitat for Humanity continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of housing needs in Calaveras County, this project represents a milestone, setting a precedent for future developments. 

By addressing immediate housing needs, integrating advanced technology, and standing resilient in the face of environmental challenges, this project stands as a testament to the power of community-driven solutions.

As the Eureka Oaks Community Development takes shape, it not only builds homes but also constructs a foundation for a stronger, more resilient future for the construction industry.

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