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Ever wonder how much time and resources are lost to unneeded service calls and site visits? Calgary tech company ICwhatUC did. And they’ve found a solution to stop wasting time and energy, while boosting customer satisfaction. Their web-based platform is taking building experts to site to solve issues, without ever leaving their home or office. We sat down with Co-Founder Luke Krueger to discuss the benefits of this technology to the building industry, and how they’re poised to capitalize on the 5G transition.
The premiere episode of Building TechTalk where we meet our resident experts, Dr. Doug Brown and Scott Jenkins of ZS2 Technologies and explore the challenges and opportunities facing innovators in the building industry today.
Big strides have been made in the world of more durable and healthier industrial coatings, and one Calgary-based company is finding success with water-based coatings. Brandon Carbol, CEO of WeatherSkin Coatings joins us to talk about the opportunities and misconceptions surrounding water-based industrial coating products.
Cement is everywhere. In fact, it’s the second most consumed product by humans after water. But the process of making cement results in massive amounts of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. In this episode of Building TechTalk, we sat down with Progressive Planet’s CEO, Stephen Harpur, to find out how they’re trying to change that by adding Zeolite to the mix.
How is a pandemic, pending Speech from the Throne, and evolving provincial policies affecting the growth of energy efficient technologies? We sat down with Amy Roesler, Executive Director of the Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance to discuss the changing landscape of energy efficiency in Alberta, and across.
Most people would think of Alberta as a hotbed for oil and gas, not sustainable building research. But the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is working to change that with their Green Building Technology team. We sat down with Research Manager Melanie Ross to discuss the challenges and–more importantly–opportunities for those looking to build in a more environmentally sustainable way.
We’ve already talked about material shortages and the havoc it’s wreaking on construction projects. What we haven’t talked about, however, is another shortage we’ve been experiencing: skilled labour.

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