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KHS Arctic Community Center

This cultural center serves an innovative approach to not only address the thermal challenges but also redefine the standards for arctic construction.



Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada


Protection from Extreme Temperature
Energy Efficiency
Innovative Construction Methods

Completion Date


Multi-Purpose Community Facility

In the Arctic community of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, the Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq/Kitikmeot Heritage Society faced challenges expanding their cultural center due to extreme cold, where temperatures average a bone-chilling -27°C (-20°F). The existing space, difficult to keep warm during the relentless winters, impeded their desire for growth. In collaboration with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), ZS2 Technologies partnered with their green building division to deliver an innovative approach that would not only address the thermal challenges but also redefine the standards for arctic construction.

Transporting the building’s components to this remote Arctic community presented a different set of challenges. Situated in a remote community accessible solely by air or ship during the brief summer months, the project demanded a solution that was not only energy-efficient and durable but also swift and adaptable. The goal was to create a structure that could withstand the extreme cold, offer enhanced energy efficiency, and yet be easy to assemble within the constraints of a remote, isolated location.

The entire TechPanel building envelope was delivered by Canadian Ice Breaker Ship. 

ZS2 TechPanels formed the walls, flooring, and roof of the center, providing a robust thermal barrier against the extreme cold. The energy solution for the cultural center went beyond traditional methods. The roof is equipped with solar panels from, a forward-thinking addition from SAIT that capitalized on the Arctic’s extended daylight hours.

The design of the building itself drew inspiration from the traditional igloo, blending modern construction with cultural significance.

In addition to the physical structure, the collaboration between ZS2, SAIT and the local community extended beyond construction. This partnership aimed not only to deliver a functional and energy-efficient cultural center but also to empower the community with the expertise to maintain and adapt the facility for years to come. The project equipped the local community with the skills needed for ongoing maintenance, ensuring the cultural center’s sustainability.

The result is a cultural center that stands as a model of innovative, energy-efficient, and culturally respectful Arctic architecture, showcasing the project’s commitment to addressing unique challenges in remote communities.

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