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Milk Processing Facility

ZS2 TechPanels offered an efficient construction solution for our agriculture client and their essential commercial facility. The project showcased TechPanels efficiency, ensuring compliance with stringent health codes all completed within a tight two-day timeframe and minimal crew during the critical fall harvest period.


Plain Lake Milk Facility


Two Hills, Alberta, Canada


Fast Installation
Moisture Resistance
Code Compliance

Completion Date

September 2020

Industrial Dairy Processing Facility

Our client, a prominent commercial agriculture business, faced a critical need for a new milk processing facility to accommodate a 3,000-gallon milk tank, yogurt and cheese making equipment, offices, and washrooms. The urgency was heightened by the impending winter and the necessity to minimize the construction crew’s impact on the ongoing fall harvest. A key requirement was the use of a material that would be water and mold-resistant, ensuring compliance with stringent health and food processing codes.


  • Swift Construction: The client required a rapid construction process to meet the tight timeline before winter set in, while managing a smaller construction crew due to manpower commitments during the fall harvest.
  • Compliance: The facility needed to adhere to strict health and food processing codes, necessitating a water and mold-resistant material for the construction.
  • Efficiency: The client sought a construction solution that would not only meet immediate needs but also offer long-term benefits, including heating and utility savings.

ZS2 TechPanels were the ideal solution for addressing the challenges posed by the project.

  • Speedy Assembly: Only two days were required for the 2,000 sq ft  fully insulated, sheathed, and waterproofed walls to be assembled. This speed was achieved even with a construction crew lacking prior experience with Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) construction.
  • Compliance and Resistance: Ensuring compliance for a milk processing facility in Alberta demands strict adherence to the Alberta Milk Quality Program, CFIA regulations, and local health codes, while effectively addressing the unique environmental challenges of the region. ZS2 construction solutions both achieved and surpassed these compliance standards, providing exceptional mold-resistant properties and establishing a robust building envelope that exceeds the stringent requirements of food safety and processing standards . 


ZS2 Tech Panels proved to be a game-changer for our commercial agriculture client, addressing the urgency of construction, ensuring compliance with regulations, and delivering long-term benefits through energy savings. This case study exemplifies how innovative construction materials and methods like ZS2 Tech Panels, can and are revolutionizing the agriculture industry. 

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