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Pine Grove Residence

Delivered by single sea can container, this TechPartner project successfully addressed new projects requirements for sustainability, hurricane resilience, flood resistance, and energy efficiency. 


ZS2 TechPartner – Empower Projects


Bahamas, BA


Hurricane Resistant
Storm Resistance
Energy Efficency

Completion Date


Storm Resistant Single Family Home

The picturesque islands of the Bahamas are no stranger to the destructive forces of hurricanes and the challenges of constructing homes that can withstand such relentless natural elements. In response to this, TechPartner Empower Projects worked with us to deliver a resilient project that could endure hurricane force winds, potential flooding, and maintain energy efficiency in the face of a volatile climate. 

The primary challenge was to create a storm-resistant home that not only met the highest standards for safety for storm resistance but also then needed to be shipped to a tropical remote location from our manufacturing centre in Canada.  

ZS2 TechPanels were the clear solution for this project. 

Engineered to withstand the forces of a Category 5 Hurricane, these panels not only provided unmatched resilience but also offered energy-efficient properties. 

The lightweight yet durable nature of the panels allowed for transportation in a single shipping container, delivering an entire panel wall package in one delivery. The use of a single shipping container not only minimized logistical challenges but also reduced the environmental impact associated with transportation.

One of the standout features of this case study is the remarkably short construction timeline. From the initial design phase to the completion of construction, the entire process took a mere two months. Even more impressive was the speed at which the TechPanel walls were assembled – less than four days from the moment the sea container was unloaded. This rapid construction timeline not only showcased the efficiency of ZS2 TechPanels but also emphasized the potential for addressing urgent housing needs in disaster-prone regions.

The community witnessed firsthand the successful fusion of innovation and sustainability, setting a new standard for storm-resistant housing. The efficiency of the construction process, combined with the envelope-in-a-box shipping container concept, demonstrated the adaptability and versatility of ZS2 TechPanels in addressing the unique challenges posed by the region’s climate.

This case study not only highlights the successful integration of technology and sustainability but also underscores the potential for reshaping construction practices in vulnerable regions. As we witness the positive impact on the community, it becomes clear that the future of housing in storm-prone regions is being shaped by the evolution of construction methods, with material science and collaborative partnerships leading the way.

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