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Trico Communities

Amid unprecedented material shortages, this developer faced a pressing need for a readily available solution to maintain project timelines, enhance the building envelope’s efficiency, and ensure a fire-resistant exterior for 192 residential units.




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Shawnessy Station | Six-Storey Mixed- Use Residential Building

Trico Communities, a respected development company based in Calgary, Alberta, faced a significant challenge with their mixed-use project at Shawnessy Station. Seeking to enhance the energy efficiency of the six-storey development while grappling with material shortages, Trico needed a reliable solution that could meet strict requirements and keep the project on schedule. 

Known for their commitment to safety, quality, and structural integrity, Trico constructs all its buildings using concrete and steel materials. This choice ensures not only immediate safety but also long-term durability for residents. With a focus on value engineering, Trico maximizes quality, value, and functionality in its developments, enriching the lives of residents both now and in the future.

In their search for a practical, efficient option, to integrate into their existing build schedule, Trico turned to TechClad, our non-structural insulated exterior cladding system. Recognized for its adaptability and quick installation process, TechClad was a rapid solution for the project’s steel frame structure.

Requiring only a two-person crew for 70,000 sqft of siding, the exterior cladding was completed in two months.

This efficiency not only optimized labor resources but also expedited construction timelines.  TechClad’s unique advantage of being manufactured in North America at ZS2 proved invaluable. Unlike traditional methods reliant on overseas sourcing, TechClad’s local production ensured a more reliable and consistent supply chain, mitigating the impact of material shortages and offering a dependable solution to keep the project on track. This proximity to manufacturing facilities not only facilitated quicker delivery but also provided Trico with direct access to support and expertise throughout the construction process, further streamlining operations and ensuring the project’s success.

Beyond immediate benefits, TechClad promises long-term advantages for Shawnessy Station. By improving the building’s resistance to fire, water, and mold, it improved durability and minimized future maintenance needs. Moreover, its integration enhanced energy efficiency, contributing to reduced utility costs and environmental impact over time.

By leveraging Trico’s expertise in value engineering, Shawnessy Station emerged as more than just a residential mixed-use complex; it became a testament to thoughtful design and enduring quality. With TechClad bolstering its energy efficiency and safety features, the development promised not only a comfortable living environment for current residents but also a sustainable, secure home for generations to come.

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