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Meet our new C-Suite
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August 2022
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At the latest ZS2 Board of Directors meeting, the Board confirmed the promotions of three key members of our TechCrew to new senior roles. 

Co-founder Kristin Davis is now Chief Operating Officer, Joel Douglas is now Chief Financial Officer, and Liana Gilmour is Chief Commercial Officer.

All three have played critical roles in the rapid success ZS2 has experienced over the past year and have laid the foundation for explosive growth across North America in the coming months.

ZS2 Top 3 - What You Need to Know

Our TechTalk digest this month will help you get up to speed on what’s important in the industry. Here are our top picks for August

The Opportunity for Indigenous Communities to Lead in Sustainability

“Through generations of close interactions with the environment, Indigenous peoples safeguard an estimated 80% of the world’s remaining biodiversity. Together, the global community has an opportunity to reorient the way it interacts with nature and build resilience for all through collaborating with and learning from Indigenous peoples, the stewards of nature.”

Source: How Indigenous Peoples Enrich Climate Action

Comprising less than 5% of the world’s population, Indigenous people protect 80% of global biodiversity.

Indigenous people have traditional knowledge about their local environment and climate, they are uniquely positioned to contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts

However, in many Indigenous communities, existing housing in remote areas is old and poorly constructed. The impact of the construction industry on climate change and its effect on Indigenous communities creates a responsibility for those capable of supporting those affected. You can help support Indigenous communities in adapting and mitigating climate change by:

• Implementing green infrastructure solutions that can be easily accessed by remote communities.

• Use Indigenous labour and businesses where possible to support local economies.

• Provide training and capacity building opportunities for Indigenous people in the construction sector.

The time to invest in Indigenous communities is now.

The construction industry has a key role to play in supporting Indigenous communities as they adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.By working together, we can create more sustainable and resilient communities that are better prepared for the challenges of a changing climate. 
Our Director of Community Engagement, Tom Jackson recently published and article on a topic close to us at ZS2.

“Indigenous communities value sustainability as a core value. Not only is it a big motivator within the community, it offers key benefits—both environmental and socially. In order to achieve sustainability, however, the quality of life in remote communities is heavily impacted by having access to sustainable building practices”

We highly encourage you to listen to his words and read his article going over the need for resilient, cost-effective and sustainable housing for indigenous communities.

Supporting STARS Air Ambulance

ZS2 has teamed up with STARS air ambulance!

We’re using our TechPanels to build a fuel cache that will provide a new fuel stop at the Athabasca airport for STARS helicopters.

This will allow Stars to increase their flying range to cover Fort McMurray and the surrounding area.

Our TechPanels are creating a safe, secure, fire resistant and extreme weather resistant building to make sure fuel is always at the ready for STARS, because every second counts!

Trico Top Off

The ZS2 TechCrew had the privilege of attending Trico Communities Topping Off Party to celebrate the final concrete pour of the first building at Shawnessy Station in Calgary.

Good BBQ, great people, and a fabulous building in the background! Thank you Trico Team for the great afternoon. Can’t wait to see the finished build featuring our TechClad and the many more buildings to come!

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Closing Thoughts

Have you published an article that you’d like our thoughts on? Forward us news articles that you’d like us to read and share with our TechInsider community.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more about how ZS2 is building a better planet with our innovative construction technologies.

Thank you for supporting ZS2. Please share this newsletter whom you think might be interested in a better way to build, and a better way to provide shelter, and housing, for those in need.

Scott Jenkins & The ZS2 TechCrew

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