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Looking Back &
Building Forward

December 2023

You’ll notice a bit of a different format this time around, so be sure to take a moment to watch the intro video from our three co-founders to get the full experience.

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Accelerated Momentum for our Company and Projects

1- $7 Million in Funding in 2023

This year, ZS2 Technologies secured over $7 million in funding from various government organizations across provincial, municipal and federal levels. These investments serve as a resounding validation of our commitment to accelerating the commercialization of low-carbon solutions and the development of affordable, resilient housing solutions across North America.

2- 100th Project Completed

Te completion of our 100th project is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. These projects serve as a resounding validation of our commitment to accelerating the commercialization of low-carbon solutions and the development of affordable, resilient housing solutions across North America. In true ZS2 fashion, we celebrated with confetti cannons and bubbly.

3– Unveiling of ZED University

As our network of TechPartners and building experts grows, so do our resources. We welcomed the inaugural class of 2023 to ZED University, our online learning portal and knowledge center to better intersect idea sharing between TechPartners and our ZS2 Team. 

Milestones in our Research and Development

1- World premiere of our XPRIZE Documentary 

Our team hit the red carpet and was ZS2 Technologies 1 of the 10 teams selected out of 1180 for the #XPRIZECarbonRemoval competition to get a mini documentary! This recognition not only positions us at the forefront of carbon removal innovation but also underscores our commitment to contributing to a sustainable future.

Watch the mini documentary here: This Super Concrete Could Revolutionize the Climate Crisis

2- Waste to Cement Patent Granted: 

Innovation takes center stage as we celebrate the approval of our waste-to-cement patent. This achievement is a testament to ZS2’s credibility as an industry innovator and our climate technology. 

3- Hurricane Resistance Testing – PASSED 

TechPanels have successfully passed Category 5 Hurricane Resistance Testing. Building a better planet means building in some of the most challenging places. We can and are building smarter, stronger and safer to prioritize climate resilience.

Production, Manufacturing & Operations Wins

1- HQ Expansion

Big projects require big space. Doubling our manufacturing and office space early in the year has been a game-changer. This expansion has empowered us to grow exponentially, taking on more projects and more than TRIPLE our manufacturing capacity. 

2- Growing TechCrew & Board of Directors

Our operational growth has enabled us to bring on more talent to support our mission. This year we welcomed 23 new team members to our TechCrew in addition to recently appointing Amy Roesler as our Board Chair, strengthening our leadership team with diverse expertise.

3- Walk the Talk – Safety Remains Our Top Priority

With over 620 injury-free days in our factory, safety remains a top priority. From cyber security training to rigorous quality control processes and health and safety policies, we’re committed to the well-being of our team and the quality of our products. 

Building Forward

Buckle up Insiders, we’re shifting into 4th gear more focused, motivated and than ever. If 2023 taught us anything, it’s that we’re just getting started. 

1- New Strategic Partnership Coming in 2024

Anticipate exciting news as we prepare to announce a strategic partnership with a global building technology company. This collaboration promises to open new avenues for innovation, allowing us to reach greater heights in our delivery of construction climate technology. 

2- Global Expansion

Our journey extends beyond borders with exciting projects lined up in South Carolina, Utah, Florida, Alberta, British Columbia, and our first overseas venture. As we step into 2024, the global community will witness the transformative power of ZS2’s technology on a truly international scale.

3- Production Capacity Increased

We’re finalizing a strategic manufacturing partnership in Southern Alberta, enhancing our production capabilities, while keeping it close and local. As we continue to grow, we’re actively exploring additional expansion locations across North America. These efforts align with our vision of making sustainable construction solutions accessible on a broader scale.

4- Waste to Cement Pilot Plant Scale-Up

 The upcoming year promises to be marked by the scale-up of our pilot plant. This expansion is a pivotal moment in our research and development and technology. This will enable us to produce climate resilient, carbon-negative magnesium-based building products from carbon capture and waste materials right here in Calgary, Alberta. 

5- Mobile CCUS Deployment

As the pilot plants right hand-stay tuned as we get ready to deploy our mobile carbon capture, utilization, and storage direct air capture unit. The carbon capture system has demonstrated the ability to sequester >80% of the CO2. We’re dubbing 2024 the Year of the Lab Coat.

Decarbonizing the construction industry is no small feat. Mind you, virtually every project we’ve undertaken since ZS2 was formed in 2020  has been preceded by, “This won’t be easy”—and as we’ve proven time and again, we’re up to the task. But we can’t do it alone. We’re grateful to our strategic, research, community and project partners for their continued support and collaboration as we work to realize our shared vision for building a better planet. 

Thank you to all of YOU for being along for the ride. We’ll see you in 2024.

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Our solutions are available across North America! Additionally, we have TechPartners throughout Canada and the US to help with project planning, execution, and answer to any questions you may have.

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