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Major Federal Grant for ZS2!

February 2023
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Major Federal Grant for ZS2!

Big news today from Sustainable Development and Technology Canada as they announced a $2.64 million grant for the development of ZS2’s low carbon cement technology! This investment will accelerate the development and commercialization of CO2 infused building products that Dr. Doug Brown and his R&D team have been developing over the last year.

The TechCrew is currently commissioning equipment for the pilot plant, which will capture CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester in magnesium cement building materials—like tiles, cement board, and cladding—using raw materials provided by our amazing research partners Baymag Inc. (“Baymag” – and Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. (“PLAN” – The pilot plant is expected to be operational this spring and will produce magnesium cement building materials with 10% of their weight composed of sequestered CO2!

ZS2 TechCentre 26,000 Square Foot Expansion

There are some big changes to start the year at the ZS2 TechCentre in Calgary. Anyone who has visited lately knows the TechCentre was getting a little cramped thanks to our rapid growth and an ever expanding TechCrew. Our team wasted no time after getting the keys to the additional 26,000 square feet next door, and quickly knocked down the wall between the spaces. Over the next month we’ll be settling into some much-needed office space, expanding our TechPanel manufacturing facility, and commissioning the pilot plant for sequestering CO2 in magnesium cement building materials.

ZS2 Project Reel

It’s been a busy few months at ZS2 as TechPanel projects make their way to build sites across North America. Here’s a look at some of our latest build sites. 

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EPDs 101: What Are They And Why You Should Require One

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