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Solving the Supply Chain with ZS2 TechPartners

July 2022
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After less than a year of recruitment, 10 leading North American companies have already signed on as strategic distribution partners for our fast, safe, sustainable and healthy pre-manufactured building system and materials.

ZS2 TechPartners are leading building companies in their markets that complement ZS2’s existing direct sales network by structuring their business around building with ZS2’s suite of rapid, fire resistant, highly efficient and low carbon building solutions, which to date includes TechBoard, TechPanels, TechClad and TechBrick.

“We’ve seen an incredible appetite in the building industry across North America for pre-manufactured materials that require smaller construction crews, shorter timelines, higher quality, and a significantly lower carbon footprint,” says Liana Gilmour, Chief Commercial Officer for ZS2 Technologies.

“Our signed TechPartners are forward thinking building companies who recognize the bar is being raised by both government regulators and consumer expectations, so they’re looking for a new way of building to get ahead of the curve.”

ZS2 Technologies now has TechPartners building with their materials in British Columbia, Alaska, Washington, Montana, California, New Mexico, Alabama, Texas, and Florida.

Factory Retrofit and Expansion in Kokomo, IN

Building sustainably doesn’t always mean starting from scratch.

ZS2 TechPanels, TechClad and TechBrick will be used for an extensive retrofit and expansion of a major manufacturing facility in Kokomo, Indiana. 

Manufacturing for this massive project will kick off this fall at the ZS2 TechCentre, with construction slated to begin in the spring.

It will see the original structure refitted with TechClad for improved energy performance and new areas built withTechPanels to create a complete high performance building envelope while preserving the original structure. TechBrick will also provide a sustainable facade that respects the factory’s history in Kokomo.

The project will use approximately 14,000 sq. ft. of TechPanels, 42,000 sq. ft. of TechClad, and 5,000 sq. ft. of TechBrick to complete the retrofit of this nearly 400,000 sq. ft. factory, making it ZS2’s biggest project to date

Building TechTalk - Episode 12 - Q Construction Management

In this episode we sit down with Jason Elvy with Q Construction Management to discuss the new reality for development projects in an environment of long lead times and snarled supply chains.

“We’re declining opportunities because we’re at capacity and we won’t be able to service those clients.”

“Things like Electrical transformers for projects, they used be maybe a 12-week lead time… We’re now seeing 60-weeks.”

        – Jason Elvy with Q Construction Management 

If you find these lines resonating with you, we highly encourage listening to the complete podcast going over these supply chain concerns and how to solve them by clicking the button below.

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ZS2 Top 3 - What You Need to Know

Our TechTalk digest this month will help you get up to speed on what’s important in the industry. Here are our top picks for July.

What’s Trending - Supply Chain Challenges Won’t Stop by 2023

“Chris Atchison, president of the B.C. Construction Association (BCCA) said supply chain disruption and escalating costs of goods are worse than he’s ever seen and there doesn’t appear to be any relief on the horizon.

“Unfortunately, cost increases are widespread, affecting all trades and project stages,” said Atchison. “It’s not only the main structural materials — glass, rebar, steel, lumber — but crucial smaller items such as screws, plates, fasteners, metal door frames, electrical panels, and much more.” 

Source: Supply chain issues continue to be a ‘pressure cooker’ in B.C.

The industry is facing one of its most difficult uphill battles with Builders saying that the average wait time for the delivery of some products has stretched from 6 weeks to 16 weeks

It takes a lot of moving parts to get anything constructed, and right now, a lot of those parts just aren’t moving.

Analysts predict that supply chain issues around materials like lumber, steel and home appliances and furnishings won’t begin to resolve until 2023. 

How successful firms are solving the Supply Chain issue

Adaptability is key to avoiding extended timelines. 

Rather than sit and wait, leading companies are shifting over to next-generation solutions that don’t rely on traditional materials, while offering superior benefits such as:

• Non combustible sheathing and cladding; offering durability vs fire damage
• Impermeable to water; offering protection to flood damage
• 50% reduction in energy consumption
• 1/3 the CO2 of traditional cement
• 85% reduction in transportation cost and volume with predictable lead times
• Faster construction times and reduced labor required as a result

Innovative building technology is the magic key to unlocking the next step in supply chain management. Click the button below to learn more about how Channel Distribution & TechPartnerships through ZS2’s TechPartner program has resulted in solving supply chains.

Trico Communities TechClad Installation

In the June edition of the TechInsider newsletter, we mentioned that ZS2’s largest project to date was underway in Calgary, Albert with Trico Communities at their Shawnessy Station development. 

Trico chose ZS2’s new TechClad panels to complete the exterior envelope of the first of 10 mixed-use buildings.

TechClad will provide a durable exterior, provide additional R-value to reduce operating costs, and reduce both the embodied and lifecycle carbon footprint of the building. 

Trico Communities is almost finished installing TechClad on the first of 10 buildings at Shawnessy Station

TechPanels Shipped for Cambridge Bay!

Our most technical manufacturing project to date has shipped out for Cambridge Bay, NU!

Our TechCrew worked tirelessly to create this first-of-its-kind building in collaboration with SAIT, and it’s now making its long journey by truck and barge to the remote arctic community where it will be rapidly assembled to become the new facility for the Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq/Kitikmeot Heritage Society.

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Texas TechPartner Building 5 TechPanel Homes

Congratulations are in order for our Texas TechPartner, Tech Build Innovations, after they closed a contract on the first 5 of 23 homes in Texas.

ZS2 will start manufacturing the TechPanels for the homes this October, and construction will be starting this November.

In the meantime, let’s take a moment to admire the designs drafted for these new homes that will be employing ZS2 technology.

Closing Thoughts

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Feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more about how ZS2 is building a better planet with our innovative construction technologies.

If you’ve been keeping up with us so far we just want to say thank you for your support. We’re over halfway through the year and we’re just getting started on our biggest project to date. We have so much more to offer and can’t wait to show you the next project we’re working on.

Come back again next month for August’s TechInsider – there’s only 5 more months left of 2022 and – say it with me – we’re just getting started!

Scott Jenkins & The ZS2 TechCrew

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