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ZS2 Carbon Capture &
Sequestration Breakthrough

ZS2 Carbon Capture & Sequestration Breakthrough

April was a big month for ZS2 with a major recognition of some groundbreaking R&D work that Dr. Doug Brown and his team have been working on in The Lab for the past six months.
On April 19, that work was recognized with ZS2 being named one of the top 60 finalists out of more than 1,100 entrants for the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Competition from the Musk Foundation.

Based on the technology developed by our R&D team, one commercial plant producing magnesium cement building products could scrub and sequester about 3,000 tons of CO2 per year–double the amount the XPRIZE requires by 2025!
This milestone recognizes the scientific validity and potential for achieving a fully operational commercialized carbon removal and sequestration solution within the next three years. To reach this milestone, Dr. Doug’s team developed technology that pulls CO2 directly from the atmosphere and then sequesters it in carbon-negative magnesium-based cement, which ZS2 can then use to make sustainable building materials like our TechBoard™.

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