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Calgary-based Companies to Rapidly Deliver Resilient Housing with Innovative Construction Technology

ZS2 Technologies Ltd., a sustainable building material manufacturer, and SEED Homes, a modular steel home builder, today announce a strategic partnership solidified through a newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Under the partnership, SEED Homes will incorporate ZS2’s magnesium cement TechBoard™ into all their designs demonstrating a shared commitment to action sustainable, and innovative construction.

This collaboration follows SEED Homes’ recent project win to provide state of the art modular homes to Nunavut and ZS2’s $1.1 million funding from Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation to advance affordable housing innovations. Both initiatives address the critical housing shortage in Canada, where an estimated 3.5 million homes are needed by 2030 to restore affordability​​​​.

ZS2, a leader in magnesium (MgO) cement technology, leverages proprietary material science to deliver high-performance building materials with unmatched durability and fire resistance and a low carbon footprint. TechBoard™ replaces traditional sheathing products like plywood, OSB, or drywall with a fire-, mold-, and water-resistant solution, and boasts increased structural capacities, enhancing the overall longevity of the buildings. ZS2’s manufactured MgO products, such as TechBoard™, have a third of the carbon footprint compared to conventional building materials, providing climate-resilient and environmentally responsible alternatives without compromising on performance.

“In ZS2 Technologies, SEED Homes has found a partner that shares our vision for innovation, technological advancement, and novel approaches to age-old housing challenges. All materials that SEED Homes use are carefully chosen to advance our mission to build state of the art, yet affordable, and resilient homes. ZS2’s magnesium cement technology is no exception. Fire resistant, water resistant, and long lasting; a perfect material to support SEED Homes’ design ethos.” says Steve Morgan, CEO at SEED Homes.

SEED Homes specializes in the design, manufacture, and assembly of innovative steel homes. SEED’s unique design features a central utility corridor made of a solid steel skid, optimizing weight distribution and maximizing interior space. This allows the structure and walls to unfold and attach to the central corridor, drastically reducing the time from delivery to resident move-in. This design minimizes the physical footprint and shipping costs, making it ideal for remote locations like Nunavut. SEED Homes range from 400 to 1,188 square feet, offering modern, resilient housing that withstands harsh climates with minimal maintenance.

“We are thrilled to partner with SEED Homes, leveraging our advanced magnesium cement technology to enhance the resilience and sustainability of their innovative housing designs.” says Scott Jenkins, CEO at ZS2 Technologies. “Together, we are combining our strengths to urgently address the housing crisis with actionable, impactful solutions that provide high-quality, affordable housing to those in need. Our unique collaborative design and climate resilient materials are especially important for remote and Northern communities.”

This partnership exemplifies the future of construction, combining off-site prefab methods with resilient, high-performance materials. By working together, ZS2 and SEED Homes are poised to significantly impact the housing market, offering innovative and sustainable solutions that address current housing shortages and set a new standard for the industry.

ZS2 Media Contact:
Tyra Jarbeau
[email protected]

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SEED Homes Media Contact:
Steve Morgan
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