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The Future is Sweet

April 2024

The Future is Sweet

Our team has been working non-stop to commission our new triple shifting press line dedicated to our Structurally Insulated Panel (TechPanels) production.  We’re currently testing and debugging each component to ensure smooth operation and optimal functionality. 

While testing the adhesive, our team was presented the perfect opportunity to have a little fun, borrow lab coats from R&D, and test the glue line in the commissioning process. In celebration of April Fools, we announced our “new product” TechNuts.  Last year we brought you BeerBoard, this year we focused on decarbonizing the baked goods industry… I guess you could say, we’re starting to notice a pattern here. 

Although “TechNuts” might just be an indulgent idea, we’re building a future that’s as sweet as the donuts themselves.

All jokes aside, this new line will be a significant advancement in our manufacturing capabilities, promising enhanced efficiencies and a substantial increase in output. To put it simply, this line will deliver 3.5 times the capacity with zero increase in labour cost.

Saint-Gobain Gets the Full ZS2 Experience

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting several esteemed team members from Saint-Gobain at our TechCentre in Calgary, AB, marking a pivotal moment in our ongoing partnership. From meeting our team, touring each other’s facilities, to introducing them to our TechPartners and taking them to a project in Texas, it was an opportunity to showcase the full ZS2 Experience.

As part of the Greentown Labs GoBuild 2023 program, our team members Danny and Kristin headed to Houston, Texas for the second workshop! While in Houston, it was the perfect opportunity to introduce our Saint-Gobain partners to our TechPartners TechBuild Innovation at their CaywoodLane project site. Here, they got to see our TechPanels in action, showing how we’re making waves in local markets.

This program isn’t just about partnerships; it’s about making a real impact. As we tackle the challenge of decarbonizing the construction industry, collaboration is key. We’re proud to partner alongside Saint-Gobain, Greentownlabs, and TechPartners as we work towards a sustainable industry.

Patented News Straight from the Source

In case you missed it, our team recently achieved a major milestone: we’ve been granted our first patent for our carbon capture waste-to-cement solution! This achievement didn’t happen overnight; it’s the culmination of years of dedicated effort. But what exactly does securing a patent entail? In essence, it’s like planting our flag in uncharted territory, signaling to the world that we’ve pioneered something truly unique and valuable. This exclusive right not only safeguards our intellectual property but also serves as a badge of credibility.

On average, the journey from filing a patent application to receiving the patent certificate typically spans two to five years. It’s a process that requires patience, persistence, and precision. With a patent in hand, we can confidently press forward with our plans, knowing that our ideas are legally shielded from imitation or duplication. This not only instills trust in our innovative technology but also gives us a competitive edge in the market.

So, here’s to celebrating our first patent – the first of many more to come.

Re- Building TechTalk

Our podcast is back! In our inaugural episode of the year, we tackle the challenge of bringing groundbreaking ideas to life. For the past four years, the ZS2 Technologies team has been at the forefront of this struggle. Convincing builders to embrace new materials and methods is no small feat, even when the benefits are clear for both them and the building’s owner.

It really does take a village. Tune in for an insider’s look at the strategies and tactics for building an innovative community from the ground up.

Upcoming Events

Our team is busy sharing ZS2’s technology and story across North America this fall! Our senior leadership team, research and development team and partners are participating in multiple conventions, leadership panels, various industry events and more. Stay connected and mark your calendars to join us in person or virtually to follow the momentum!

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