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New Government Grand for
ZS2 Sustainable Efforts

July 2023
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ZS2 Technologies Receives $2 Million In Funding From The Government Of Alberta

Momentum continues for our team! On Wednesday, our three co-founders Scott, Kristin, and Doug joined Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Environment and Protected Area, at a press conference to announce ZS2 Technologies as recipients of nearly $2 million in funding to accelerate the development and commercialization of carbon neutral cement building materials.  

The Government of Alberta announced they are committing $67.5 million through Emissions Reduction Alberta’s (ERA) Industrial Transformation Challenge to 15 projects worth over $250 million to help the province’s industrial sector reduce emissions and improve competitiveness. These projects are estimated to deliver annual GHG reductions of 62 thousand tonnes annually, cumulative reductions of almost 700 thousand tonnes by 2030, and 2.3 million tonnes by 2050. 

Alongside our strategic partners Baymag, and in coordination with Lithium Bank, we’ve developed proprietary processes and chemistry for a low carbon Made-in-Alberta cement, and carbon capture and sequestration technology that has the potential to create a carbon-neutral cement. Yes, you read that right… Made-in-Alberta carbon-neutral cement. 

This announcement follows our $2.64 million grant from Sustainable Development and Technology Canada earlier this year.


Earlier this year, we partnered with Student Energy Career Training (SECT) as a project partner, to collaborate globally, with a team of young professionals tackling the world energy problem. SECT collaborates with governments, companies, and organizations to facilitate meaningful youth engagement and mobilize resources to support youth-led energy solutions.

The SECT x ZS2 team has been researching decentralized energy generation methods, carbon credits, and a Canadian energy policy analysis. 

Global problems require global collaboration. We’re grateful to the SECT team for their diligence, dedication and fresh perspectives in fueling ideas and solutions as to how we create economically viable and sustainable solutions to build a better planet. Read more about Student Energy and their work! 

ZS2 & SHLD Open House

Alongside our friends SHLD Building Products we co-hosted an open house and factory tour at SHLD manufacturing plant at Tschetter Hutterite Colony. 

At the event we had 13 distinct colonies not including Tschetter join us to connect over good food and good conversation and even a TechBoard fire demonstration from Scott.  

We’re building for the future of agriculture, events like these give us the ability to connect and understand the needs of the agriculture industry and community, firsthand. Get in touch with us to see what you can build. 

Lights, Camera, ZS2

As part of the global XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition, we were 1 of 10 lucky teams out of 1180 selected to share our story and how we will build a better planet using ZS2 technology.

In order to tell these stories, XPRIZE partnered with the Storyhunter platform to find 10 global filmmakers to create these original documentaries as a way to answer the sweeping goal, of “show us what saving the world looks like.”

Grab some popcorn and watch our XPRIZE mini-documentary, we’ll be at the TechCentre if anyone needs an autograph. 

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ZS2 Top 3 - What You Need to Know

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