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TechTalk Newsletter:
Innovative Projects Need Innovative Partners

June 2024

ZS2 Technologies has been awarded $1.1 million in Round 4 of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Housing Supply Challenge, Building for the Future. This funding will accelerate the commercialization of ZS2’s MgO made-in-Canada solution, which uses recycled industry bi-products and captured CO2 to create high-performance, sustainable building materials. You can read the full press release and project details here.

In September 2023, ZS2 was shortlisted receiving $150,000 in incubation funding from CMHC. This initial support allowed our team to rapidly build a pilot demonstration, as proof of concept. The pilot was a high-performance 567 sq. ft. home, built with ZS2 materials for roof, floor, and wall applications. The result – a fully finished home coming in under an estimated $200 sq. ft.

We have now fondly named this pilot project “The TechHouse” and given it a residence inside our 48,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility. 

The TechHouse is our R&D application “lab” to test our materials in-house (pun intended) and perfect the method to the madness on our site, before they arrive to a project site.  This multi-purpose space allows us to be curious, experiment, fail, test, refine- and perfect our construction solutions to ensure they can be easily and safely adopted by the industry.

We have been able to:

  • conduct 3rd Party STC testing on our TechPanels in both walls and roof at various thicknesses
  • test applications and installation methods for new upcoming  product  lines like TechTile and Tech Floor
  • use it as an in-house training tool to empower our team to get hands on experience and better understand the project execution process

ZS2 Expands Across North America

ZS2 Welcomes Five New TechPartners

The TechPartner family is expanding, we’re excited to welcome forward-thinking leaders from across North America into our growing network. Some of these partners recently gathered at our TechCentre in Calgary for a day of learning, collaboration, and innovation. These visits go beyond meet-and-greets; they are crucial for cultivating relationships, exchanging ideas, and engaging in hands-on projects that push the boundaries of construction technology.

This dynamic partnership between ZS2 and our growing network of TechPartners propels industry solutions from mere potential to practical application, enabling projects to be executed smarter, faster, and more responsibly.

Please meet: 

  • MAG-Tek | Calgary, Canada 
  • Struktura | Vancouver, Canada 
  • Sunflower Builders | Arizona, US
  • L2L Homes x Promised Land | Washington, US
  • Advanced Building Technologies | Hawaii, US


The industry is changing. We’re ready – are you? We’re expanding our network of building experts who understand that sustainability is key to staying relevant in this changing world. If this sounds like you or a company you know, we want to hear from you! Let’s connect to see how we can collaborate. 

Canada-U.S-Mexico Chamber of International Commerce Grants “Made in North America” Certification to ZS2

During a special ceremony held at ZS2’s headquarters, Chamber President Victor Rosales personally presented the certification to our CEO, Scott Jenkins. This prestigious recognition is a testament to our rigorous quality assurance and control in every material manufactured at our facility. 

Additionally, ZS2 has been announced as the inaugural participant in the Chamber’s groundbreaking program, “Expanding in North America.” This initiative, aimed at bolstering Canadian enterprises’ presence across the continent, highlights our dedication to innovation and global expansion.

ZS2 Joins Forces with SEED Homes to Deliver Affordable Housing with Advanced Materials 

Yesterday, we announced a strategic partnership solidified through a newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SEED Homes a modular steel home builder- who also happens to be our neighbor down the street. SEED Homes will incorporate our TechBoard™ into all their designs demonstrating our shared commitment to action sustainable, and innovative construction.

This partnership announcement is followed up by solid project momentum. SEED’s recent project win with Nunavut (NCC Development Limited) will incorporate our TG TechBoard into their upcoming six-home order destined for delivery to Northern Canada later this summer. Read more about the details here. 

If you haven’t checked out SEED they have a stand out modular design, that unfolds like a book when the home arrives on site. See it for yourself. 

Concrete Proof: ZS2's MgO Solutions in Action Across the Industry

Santa Barbara Martinez Centre (SBMT) | ZS2 TechPartner – Improve Group
The Santa Barbara Martinez Centre in New Mexico opened earlier this month, marking a significant milestone for the residents and local government. Mayor Tim Keller, Speaker Javier Martinez, local leaders, and community members were there to celebrate. This fully prefabricated project, using ZS2 TechPanels, exemplifies the future of construction with innovative materials and processes. With amenities including a kitchen, classroom, arts and crafts room, and office space, this 13,500 sq. ft. project represents our largest TechPanel build to date alongside our TechPartner Improve Group. 

Breath of Life (BOL) Medford | ZS2 TechPartner – Promised Land
We’re proud to support our TechPartner Promised Land in this purpose-built housing project in Southern Oregon, which has received over $6 million in state funding. This project, featuring our fire-resistant TechPanels, will construct 38 housing units in its first phase, with plans to expand to 142 units. The innovative use of our materials is setting new standards for high-quality, fast construction in affordable housing.

Read the full article here. 

Krispy Kreme | Fillmore Construction
Nothing pairs better with a Krispy Kreme coffee and doughnut than a fresh order of ZS2 TechPanels! Despite challenging weather conditions and lots of rain on site, Fillmore Construction is making excellent progress on the new commercial project in Edmonton. Installation of TechPanels is almost complete, ensuring a strong and sustainable structure for this popular chain.

Upcoming Events

Our team is busy sharing ZS2’s technology and story across North America this summer! Our senior leadership team, research and development team and partners are participating in multiple conventions, leadership panels, various industry events and more. Stay connected and mark your calendars to join us in person or virtually to follow the momentum!

Be Part of The Global Shift in
Sustainable Building Materials

Our leading MgO solutions are available across North America! Additionally, we have TechPartners throughout Canada and the US to help with project planning, execution, and answer to any questions you may have.

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