Dr. Pier-Luc Champagne is an award-winning material chemist who has been recognized internationally for his innovations and mentorship. He currently holds a highly competitive Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Tokyo in the research team of Takuzo Aida, a world renowned material chemist.

“We are rapidly breaking new ground in the material science surrounding how we use cement in the building industry, and we’re excited about bringing Pier-Luc’s vast experience and commitment to research surrounding sustainable building materials to our team,” says Dr. Doug Brown, ZS2 Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer. “With the expansion of our R&D team, we will be able to increase our development of made-in-Canada building solutions derived from our proprietary magnesium oxy-sulfate cement formulations.”

Grown up in rural Quebec, Champagne quickly developed an interest in contributing to the achievement of a more sustainable society. After obtaining his B.Sc. in Chemistry from Bishop’s University, he gained valuable industrial management experience in the beauty, steel and chemical recycling industries. He subsequently obtained his Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from the University of Calgary where he developed biodegradable energy storage alternatives. He currently works on engineering novel water purification membranes and self-healing polymers.

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