We know that you know lumber prices are soaring (maybe that’s even what brought you to this site)

You also probably know why: During the pandemic, bored DIYers stuck inside made a run on building materials (just like they did with toilet paper), sending costs through the roof. And here’s the kicker: No one’s manning the lumber mills because they were forced to close, so there’s no easy fix for the bottlenecked supply chain. On top of the COVID-related labour and supply shortages, unyielding timber harvest quotas have the market completely boxed in.

If you’re in the middle of a construction project or getting ready to break ground, this means you either have to:

  1. Eat those costs and watch your margin shrink,
  2. Dig up more money somewhere, or
  3. Cancel the project entirely and have your dreams and/or revenue stream obliterated.

But there’s a fourth option: Ditch the stick frame BS and build smarter, cheaper, and safer.

Yes we’ll be talking about that dirty word: “prefab”, those manufactured solutions your contractor may have failed to mention (more on that later). But before you try and leave because you think manufactured solutions = more $$$, stop.

Right now, the cost of building with ZS2 TechPanels is on-par or cheaper than stick frame, all while the price of lumber is forecast to just keep going up.

You read that right: There’s an alternative to using all that lumber that’s safer, healthier, stronger, more fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and better for the environment.

“But I’ve Already Started a Project.”

Sweet, send us your construction drawings and we’ll panelize them with some binary code magic and poof: SIP plans ready for production. We’ll price it and turn it around in no time so that your project stays on track.

It’s Up to You

Look, your contractor probably isn’t going to suggest our products as an alternative. Why? They’re so entrenched in how they’ve always done things, they’ll continue to gravitate towards processes, materials, and suppliers (a.k.a. buddies) they’ve always used—even if it’s more expensive. Therefore, it’s incumbent upon you, the client, to drive the discussion about alternative building materials.

So the next time you talk to your contractor, ask about alternatives to lumber. And honestly, if they don’t like it, move on—there are a lot of progressive and innovative contractors out there.

Prefab Isn’t a Dirty Word

How about a little free association, just for fun?

Here we go: When I say ‘prefab’, you say…

**If you said ‘trailer’, the wrong answer buzzer is sounding right about now.**

This house is actually what SIP construction looks like in the 21st century. So, on top of saving money by cutting your framing timeline in half, manufactured solutions give you the same design and style flexibility as stick frame construction.

Oh wait, there’s more: There’s also zero cost fluctuation. Zero. Because the real dirty word in construction is ‘change order’. Okay, that’s two words, but the point is there’s no reason to accept that projects consistently blow budgets and timelines. It’s kinda ludicrous and we can do better.

ZS2’s TechBoard and TechPanels offer:

  • Competitive material costs,
  • Lower labour costs (41% less expensive than 2×4 stick framing),
  • Time savings (55% faster erecting than 2×4 stick framing),
  • Fire and mold resistance, and
  • Significantly reduced carbon footprint (both embodied and operational)!.

We’re a Superior Technology

Looking to differentiate yourself from the competition and use a system that’s far superior all while also enjoying significant cost savings?

You’re in the right place.

The construction industry has demonstrated a pervasive and persistent resistance to change. Maybe that’s because everyone’s looking around, waiting to see who’s going to go first. So why not have it be you?

We just showed you there’s basically zero reason to not completely abandon the status quo. Honestly, it is silly to continue to do things the same way they have always been done and hope…no pray…for a better result.. Call us today and let’s save your project.

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